Fishing in Kashmir

Fishing in Kashmir

Fishing In KashmirKashmir is called the Anglers Paradise because the valley of kashmir contains crystal-clear cold water turbulent streams, mighty springs, Sars and many high altitude lakes, lofty snow-clad mountains, thick forests of pine trees, lush green meadows, beautiful valleys and a beautiful fish fauna with a very pleasant and healthy climate. Kashmir offers great scope for sport fisheries. That is why Anglers from all over the world come over here every year to enjoy the thrill of angling in the snow fed streams and lakes of this valley. 

Fishing is big business in Kashmir through spring and summer. The British introduced the brown and rainbow trout to the streams of Kashmir, where they have thrived. At the same time they introduced the system of anglers reserving ' beats' on their favorite river. Reservations for beats should be made before one arrives in Kashmir, through an Indian Government Tourist Office or directly to the Tourist Reception Centre in Srinagar . 

The Fishing Season 

The season runs from April to October. Only artificial flies are allowed and each licence entitles the angler to keep six fish a day, none being shorter than 7.5 cm. Beats may be reserved for a day or a week at a time in one of the three basic types of streams. 

Larger rivers like Sindh or Liddar are full with snow, melting from May to July, with an occasional pool under boulders. Spinning is allowed here, but the wet fly and weighted cast tests the skill of the angler and will produce good results. In April, August and September these rivers are quieter, and the bigger fish are said to lie in the stiller waters. 

Tributaries and water channels near these mainstream beats provide another type of fishing throughout the season. These are the smaller streams where only flies are allowed, with wet fly fishing good all season. The third type are the small spring fed streams and high altitude lakes suitable for both dry and wet fly tackle. 

Trout Streams

trout fishing in kashmirTrout is present in all the streams and Nallahs of the valley. The important ones are Lidder, Wangath, Gurez, Hamal, Lam, Sindh, Kishenganga, Sukhnag, Doodhganga, Erin, Ferozpur(Tangmarg), Bringi, Aharbal, Hirpora, Dachigam, Kokernag, Naristan, Madhumati and Nowbugh. 



A light two to three metre Rod (fishing rods cannot be carried as hand luggage on aircraft for security reasons) with an eight cm reel will suffice. Common flies in use in Kashmir include Peacock, March Brown, Butcher, Jinger Quill, Coachman, Woodcock & Green and Watson's Fancy. 

There are 61 beats open for reservation throughout the season, ranging from the turbulence of the Sindh and Wangat Rivers to the tranquility of the high altitude lakes Krishanshar, Vishanshar, Gangabal and Nunkhol.

Rules for Angling 

Angling is not allowed without a license / permit procurable from the Directorate of Fisheries. The license is valid for one day only. The bag limit is 6 fish only. 

License / permit has to be kept along during fishing and produced to the departmental officials on demand. 

No sub-letting, sharing or transfer of fish permit is allowed. All natural baits, dead or alive, are prohibited. Only artificial-fly-fishing is allowed. No un-authorized persons are allowed to work as shikaries (Gillies). Only one rod per angler is allowed. 

License / Permits 

Fishing license / permit can be procured from the Directorate of Fisheries, 77-B, Gogji Bagh, Jawahar Nagar, Srinagar. The angling fee is charged on a per day basis @ Rs. 2000/- per day from the foreign anglers and Rs. 1000/- per day from local Anglers. Kashmir Trekking Tour can get you the required permissions or fishing in Kashmir rom the concerned department prior to your tour.