River Rafting Jammu and Kashmir

River Rafting Jammu and Kashmir

River rafting is comparatively newly introduced adventure sport in Jammu Kashmir. There are many rivers in the valley with fast and furious waters.The rivers and lakes of the valley are one of the many natural advantages of the place. These water bodies are a great source of attraction for tourists. The water bodies however provide great opportunities for adventure sports, which is an activity oriented way of discovering new and more beautiful places in the state. River rafting is one of the best and most adventurous adventure sports of all the water sports. Jammu Kashmir has also kept pace with other places in starting and organising river rafting in Kashmir.

River rafting in Jammu Kashmir is done on three rivers – Lidder in Pahalgam, Sindh in Sonamarg and Zanaskar in Kargil, which resembles Colorado USA. Gliding down on the waters of the beautiful place is undoubtedly the best way of experiencing Kashmir. Rafting in the valley has gradients that cater to each kind of rafters. There are gentle gradients in Lidder, which suit the beginners very well. Sonamarg is also a good place for it. Sindh moves furiously through the area and thus makes the adventure really challenging and exciting for the rafters. Rafting in Sonamarg is very tough.

River rafting in Ladakh is particularly exciting and wonderful. That too inZanaskar is a great opportunity to enjoy the mesmerizing natural beauty of the place with deep gorges, mighty snow-clad mountains, villages, monasteries and wildlife. Rafting on the mighty Indus River is an ultimate experience. It has stretches for professionals and beginners as well. The best stretch runs in white water lies between Spituk and Nimu which is rated 4 – 5 in the international river rafting grading scale. After that the stretch is easies up to Karu, which is perfect for beginners, where they can get their basic training.

Rafting in the rivers of Kashmir is not easy. The challenge of the turbulent rivers is really very tough. The furious rivers are fed by the waters from the melting ice of the mighty Himalayan Mountains. The rivers are fed by innumerable streams as they run their course through huge twisting boulder strewn beds, down deep gorges and breaking into silvery white rapids.

Pahalgam River Rafting

Rafting Pahalgam Kashmir can be a part of your any tour program with us or you can do it as a separate option even if you are travelling on your own.The stretch for 2.5 km white water rafting Pahalgam ( lidder joy ride ) , 5 km White Water Rafting Pahalgam ( lidder long ride ) and 8 km White Water Rafting Pahalgam (extra long ride ) with grade II to III and IV rapids on Lidder River which flows from Pahalgam is located at Varganpal bridge , Varganpal bridge and langanbal Bridge, 12 km,12 km and 3 Km from Pahalgam and 72 km ,72 km and 88 km from Srinagar respectively.

The lidder river (Lidder means turmeric) originates from Mt Kolahoi glacier and Shehnag lake etc. flows from North West to south east as a great delight through Pahalgam into river Jhelum, one of the five rivers of Punjab which join ultimately Indus.

The stretches of white water rafting Pahalgam ( lidder joy ride with grade II to III rapids ) and ( lidder long ride with grade II to III rapids ) are of introductory to moderate difficulty but the stretch of white Water Rafting Pahalgam( Lidder Extra long Ride with grade II ,II and IV rapids ) is bit-technically difficult at a few rapids of grade IV rapids. But nothing to worry about much as our professionally trained guides will take good care of you. We use Extra guide or two to ensure safety on grade IV rapids This trip is recommended for the people who have done some sort of rafting earlier.The rafting trip start at Langanbal Bridge and finishes at Ganeshpora a distance of 8 km will be reached in half an hour. Even the ride is short but it is a lot of joy for all ages from 12 years onward.

Rafting On The River Indus 

While water levels are high, between the end of June and late August, Leh's more entrepreneurial travel agents operate rafting trips on the river Indus. The scene is still in its infancy, and the routes tame by comparison with Nepal's, but floating downstream in a rugged and beautiful landscape. 

The Two River Stretches 
Two different stretches of the river are used: from Spitok to the Indus Zanskar confluence at Nimmu, and from Nimmu to the ancient temple complex at Alchi. Experienced rafters may also want to try the more challenging route between Alchi and Khalsi, which takes in the kilometre long series of rapids at Nurla. 

Several agents around Fort Road offer white water rafting on the Indus, but all are acting as agents for Delhi based operators who bring the equipment up during the season. Tickets should be booked at least a day in advance, preferably through the operators themselves. 

Rafting Centres 
The three best-established and most reliable companies in Leh are: 
Ri Mo Rafting, who work from the Hotel Kang La Chen near The Ecology Centre; highland adventures, on the first floor of the Hotel Ibex Complex. 
Indus Himalaya, opposite the Hotel Yak Tail on Fort Road. 

Note: Make sure while booking that the price includes transport to and from the river, rental of life vests and helmets, and meals, and that the raft has a waterproof strong box for valuable.

River Rafting in Ladakh

River rafting in Ladakh is quite unlike anywhere else in the world. It provides the best opportunity to enjoy and experience the natural beauty of the spectacular landscape with deep gorges, towering snow-capped peaks, hilltop monasteries, hillside villages, and glimpses of the unique wildlife. Ladakh offers a range of rafting options on the Indus and its major tributaries. The best stretch for professionally guided runs in white water is on the Indus between Spituk and Nimu or Saspol, which rates 2 to 3 in the international river grading scale of 1 to 6. Upstream of Spituk, the Indus has the easiest stretch up to Karu, which is ideal for basic training or "scenic floating". In recent years, running the Indus has become an attractive option to complement with sightseeing, and features on the itinerary of most visitors. Several travel agencies offer all-inclusive rafting packages. Ask for details at the Tourist Office at Leh.

The most difficult but exciting rafting option is available on the Zanskar River, along its spectacular course through a gorge in the Zanskar Mountains, between Padum and Nimu. This is suitable only for well-organized white-water expeditions, prepared for about a week of rafting and camping in absolute wilderness. Participants are required to be trained rafters themselves while the arrangements should be assigned to a dependable professional agency. Adequate arrangement for rescue back-up is an essential prerequisite for embarking upon this white-water expedition.