Skiing in Jammu and Kashmir

Skiing in Jammu and Kashmir

One of the real attractions for enterprise adoring vacationers is skiing in the Himalayas. Gulmarg, the best ski resort in the Himalayas, was first settled by the British in 1927, when two British Army Officers, Maj. Metcarp and Maj. Hadow had setup the Ski Club of India at Gulmarg. 

Skiing in Kashmir

Skiing had turned out to be exceptionally prevalent amid the pre-freedom years and Gulmarg used to have two headliners, one each amid Christmas and Easter. In 1938-39 around 500 skiers are accounted for to have taken an interest in the Christmas and Easter ski races. Gulmarg's environment can by and large be related to 1940's and 50's European skiing—'the Alps of past times worth remembering'. It has great daylight and also great snow. 

Gulmarg holds a position as one of the most astounding lift-served ski resorts on the planet. This is because of setting-up of a Gandola Cable Car Lift from Gulmarg to Apharwat top, giving a declining ski keep running of around 3 kms. Furthermore, three ski lifts and one seat lift additionally benefit the resort, which are appropriate for tenderfoots and transitional level skiing, separately. 

The skiing season in Gulmarg typically starts before Christmas (around center of December) and proceeds till center of April. In January-February, 1998 the main National Winter Games of India were held at Gulmarg, for which the offices were gigantically enhanced and updated. The resort obtained two Kasse Bohrer snow beating machines utilized for getting ready skiing slants, and five snowmobiles, which can be made accessible for going up the mountain. Great quality hardware, including skis, boots, sticks, gloves and goggles are accessible on contract on the spot from the Government-run ski shop. 

Skiing in Gulmarg 

There are likewise prepared educators accessible for directing the visitors. Gulmarg is in a perfect world suited for getting the hang of skiing, as it is likely the least expensive ski resort on the planet. 

Some time back, the popular French skier Sylvain Saudan, had begun Heli-skiing in the Himalayas for European skiers. He would take the skiers by helicopter over Gulmarg mountain and different tops in the territory from where they would ski down the colossal Himalayan inclines. This program has been ceased for now. 

The most pleasant part of a winter visit in Gulmarg is the neighborly climate. It resembles being in a family where everyone knows each one else.